Advice? Encouragement? Direction?

I am just straight up lost in where I need to go and having serious doubt in myself. I have a few friends who are in technology but none are coders. So I feel I have no REAL person I can go to for advice. There are so many courses and I’m sure many of them work, but I just need advice on a good place to start. I don’t learn well from just reading material, I learn best from watching and then doing. I tried a few videos I could find on YouTube, and some had great content. It just felt lacking to me as I didn’t have that interaction or the ability to ask a question in reference to something. I’m not real sure what language I should learn first. I have dabbled some with Python and PowerShell but wouldn’t put it on my resume. Most of which has been with Python and tinkering with Raspberry Pi’s. I’m not certain about what position/role I want to shoot for. I like solving complicated problems and thinking outside the box. Machine learning seems really interesting but I’m sure there are many roles I will have to have before I can jump into that. Which what are some good entry level roles/positions that would lead towards Machine Learning?

I lost my job several months ago due to COVID and I’m over finding just another “j.o.b.”. Due to not having a job for several months now, I am having to move my family in in with some relatives as its the only choice I got. I want to take this time I have now to really dedicate to truly learning coding. I am hoping I can accomplish this in 6 months but I understand it could take longer. I don’t have much money to spend on classes or programs. If I did, I would think about one of the boo camps (although I have heard mixed reviews about attending them. Opinions?) I’m willing to put in the hours, I just want it to be worth it in the end. I’m fearful of getting 2-3 months in and be like “why did I learn this, when I’m not going to even use it”. Aside from all that, I have had to struggle with depression for most of my life. Hard to pick myself up and find that desire to be happy at times. Now being unemployed for several months and not being able to provide for my family just drives it that much deeper I feel. Any kind of relatable inspiration or encouragement helps…

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You can join it is 100% free and you can get job when you finished courses in freecodecamp. And here this is not 100% free but there are video courses and articles and tasks and if you finish a course it will give a certificate from related collage and you can find jobs.
Hope This Help


I have looked at, I was able to test run it for 7 days or something. It seemed like a pretty good. I liked the layout of them showing you and then you having to do it. So considering Im interested in ultimately going into Machine Learning or Data Science, or at least I think I would enjoy it, where do you suggest I start? What language?

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If your goal is to find a job, you should check job postings in your region (or regions you’re willing to relocate to) and see what skills are required (it will probably be something “boring” like Java, C#, PHP, maybe even Frontend with jQuery).

My guess is that chances of finding an entry level ML position without a CS/STEM degree is close to zero.


For Data Science I suggest you to learn SQL. For both I suggest you to learn Python. Here link of many courses which are related to your favourite.

Hey there.

Seems you are caught in analysis paralysis.

You are a beginner. It doesn’t matter which language you learn. Every master chef can use whatever knife you give them. They will always make better meals than you. Because they know the fundamentals of cooking. And even if their knife is dull, they will find a solution how to make a great meal.

Choose one path, e.g. FCC.

Do the whole thing (without the Coding Interview Prep).
Don’t look left or right.
Finish the damn thing.

There will always be shiny things on the left and right.
Don’t care about them. Don’t care about subjective opinions which programming language is better. The language doesn’t matter in your first years. You don’t know the fundamentals, so you are not able to use the benefits of a specific language.

So do the whole FCC curriculum.
Come back in 6-12 months and ask again.

You can’t waste time, because there are so many ways to build Rome and the pathways just shows up after walking them.


Here This is a social media website for hunting jobs.

Thank you for that. I will definitely get to work on the FCC curriculum. Once I am finished moving, I plan on putting a good 6hrs + a day into learning. So I should be able to get this all done within 6 months… hopefully.

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freecodecamp is great. Truly. I completely agree with others that have said pick something and go with it. Don’t get to hung up on “am I doing the right thing?” because you could be learning while you are still deciding. Whatever language you learn it will teach you the basics of another language, you will never be starting over at zero.

That said, I cannot recommend taking Harvard’s online cs50 course enough. It is a total beginner level course. That’s not to say it’s easy, but the lectures start at zero, and the course instructors are SO GOOD at explaining the basics. Once you understand that basics everything you learn after that will make more sense, because it won’t be pure memorization. The class is totally free, you can sign up for it on edx and work it at your own pace. I have started codeacademy, freecodecamp, and now I’m in a bootcamp, they have all been fine but none of them were as good as helping my deep understanding of coding basics as this course.


Wow, thank you gingeralford (love that name btw). I will definitely look into them as well. In the past learning things from two different perspectives, or sources, has proven to be very successful for me. So I will definitely look into it. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I am hoping to get started towards the middle/end of December. By then I should be completely moved and settled-in to the new place.

Hey man. The fact you’re taking steps to get employment and work hard. That is 50% of the journey done already. You’ve done more than the people who wonder if they can truly do it.

My advice is to use YouTube tutorials if you’re strapped for cash. While FreeCodeCamp is absolutely amazing, I do think it is necessary to supplement it with other resources, which I why I suggest YouTube.

I do think Udemy might be better since even though it’s paid, some course are structured and really good, but it’s a hit and miss, so you need to research which courses you have to take.

Good luck man

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I am almost in the same predicament. I have been at it (React) for about 9 months now. It’s hard but I stay focused. This site has helped me a lot.

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Thank you everyone for the encouragement and advice. I got a plan now, hopefully. I’m literally taking a little bit of everyone’s advice.

FreeCodeCamp will be my primary. Ill take a couple online courses (probably from multiple until I find the one that fits my needs), supplement with various videos and such when I need/want some deeper explaining. Im excited to get started, just gotta get done moving and the holidays. Your all awesome!