Data Analysis with Python Section

I just started the section for Data Analysis using Python. Is it better to learn Python by itself first outside of Data Analysis? I was able to follow along in the videos in each section until it came to the section of Importing/Exporting Data. He doesn’t really show how he imported the files (he already had some already imported) and from there I was scratching my head. I think the section from that point onward, it goes REALLY fast. It’s hard to follow along. Any advice especially from someone who has gone through the course?

I haven’t gone through the course in Freecodecamp, but I have done data analysis with Python in a previous job. My recommendation would be to learn the basics of Python first and after that return to the Data analysis section.

If you have no programming background, learning the basics of Python first will be even more important, without the knowledge to read and understand the language you will probably have a harder time.

the first python cert from the top also introduces the basics of the language you are missing here, maybe start there?

The Scientific Computing with Python course is a better starting point if you are new to Python.

i Did do the course. i had python experience before starting it
regarding the importing exporting issue ,if you are using google colab it is as easy as clicking on the folder icon on the left side and drag and dropping your file. then you are good to go.
my advise would be to learn the basics of python first .it is a beuatiful language(i am clearly biased because it is the only one i know)
you can use sources like udacity’s introduction to programming with python or udemy’s “Automate the boring stuff with python” Coarse