Data Analysis with Python Confusion

Hi, I’m starting on my journey to become a data analyst, and working to pick up the porgramming and associated skills.

I’ve done the first couple of sections in the Data Analysis with Python course, and I’m very confused. The instructor is all over the map, talking very fast with little to no explanation of what is going on. Does this improve? Right now, I feel like I’m spending all my time googling Jupyter, GitHub and how all that works (which I’m sure will come in handy), but feels counterproductive to learning python.


If you are starting with Python I’d suggest going through Scientific Computing with Python first. It should make tackling Data Analysis with Python easier.

It’s an advanced course, so naturally it will assume you already got a base-stock of knowledge and only have to fill in minor gaps for the basics, while focusing on the new concepts.

FCC offers a beginners course in JavaScript, which is quite similar to Python and the basics are the same in most languages anyway.
The Scientific-Computing with Python does go over some base concepts of programming in Python, but I think it also went quite fast over most topics, so it’s also not the most beginner-friendly.

But anyway, you cannot expect to go into a highly advanced topic and assume it will cover the most basic things.

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