Can I start Data Analytics with Python without having done Scientific Computing with Python?

Hi folks,

I just wanted to know if I could start the Data analysis with Python tuturial without doing the Scientific Computing with Python course beforehand.

I have no prior coding knowledge in Python, all I know is a little HTML and CSS.


Its Data Analysis with Python, so you really need Python to understand whats going on. You might pick on some basic concepts explained in the course, like what means to analyse data, clean it, sort it, extract etc, but all that is achieved using Python code and further, making charts to represent the data, again using Python.
Even after havign finished the prior courses of JS and Python, i still found it hard to finish the challenges and i used lot of outside sources


You can try, but I highly doubt you will succeed if you don’t have any programming knowledge - because neither html nor css are actually programming. One is basically a textmarker out of text, the other a list of styling-commands.

If you don’t know what loops, conditions, functions, datastructures, data-types, attributes and methods (and more) are, you have no chance of finishing the tasks, let alone the challenges.

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Oh, okay - thanks, that was really helpful. :pray:

I guess I’ll start with the Scientific Computing with Python course then and see where it takes me.

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