Scientific Computing with Python or Data Analysis with Python

Hi, I’m new to programming in general. But I’m about taking a coding course in Python on freecodecamp. However, I don’t know whether to begin with Scientific Computing with Python or Data Analysis with Python. Thanks

Since am a data analyst I would be biased saying go for data analysis. I enjoy doing analysis though but I guess you go for where your passion lies. But make sure you know the basis of python first. Once you are good with the basics, there are a lot of modules/packages to assist you in your journey.

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You start with scientific computing because that will go over the basics :wink:
Starting with the Data Analysis might go completly over your head if you don’t have the basics down.
In fact it might be wise to go through the JavaScript course, as it has a built-in coding-environment and thus allows you to actually write and execute code in a step-by-step curriculum. Whereas Python currently uses videos and thus offers a lot less practice.

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