Which python course should I choose

Hey all, I am new to FreeCodeCamp and coding in general. I am from an econ background and since I don’t want to pay for stata upon graduation I am looking to learn Python. I am just wondering which certificate course I should do/do first? Any help would be appreciated

I think Scientific Computing with Python has a general introduction for beginner. If you want to study further about Data Science, you can take Data Analysis with Python after that, then Machine Learning with Python.

There’s a new course College Algebra with Python, but since you are from econ background, you may already know the maths in that course. Yet If you want to have revision of the maths and practise implementing calculation with Python coding, you may go to that course too, perhaps can begin after knowing the basics about variable, expression, statement, conditional expression and looping from the first dozen lessons of Scientific Computing with Python.

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