Machine Learning and Python

Hello, I chose to learn AI and machine learning but I am totally new to coding. I’ve come realise that I need python for this, now my question is that do I need to learn the python basics separately before going ahead with the machine learning course on FreeCodeCamp website or will the course teach me the required and necessary python coding?

You should learn Python first - because the machine learning is heavily advanced stuff and if you don’t know the first thing about how coding works, you will most likely get overwhelmed with content.

You should at least do the Python focused courses - scientific computing and data analysis. Those should cover all the basics. Though the introduction to coding on FCC is meant do be done in the JavaScript section. While the first Python course goes through everything, it’s still only designed as video-section with one question per video. So it’s a lot less in-depth than the JS with the integrated coding-platform to actually write and execute code.

So either you do the JS first, then the Python courses before jumping into ML - or you have to look for another platform to learn basic Python before doing the ML. Either way, you need to know how code works an certain aspects of coding in order to understand how to use and understand the differen ML-Libraries in Python.

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Thank you very much for the explanation, it is really helpful. I think I would start with python as a beginner that I am. I found a course on that; Python basics with Sam on FreeCodeCamp.

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