Don't know how to start

Hello, I am quite new in programing, and from all the courses from free code camp the most interesting and future oriented in my opinion is the one with machine learning, now my question is:
Can I just start with that one, the machine learning or should I start with the first one from the list and the the second and so on until I reach the machine learning course?

Thank you!

Hi @dani.tibi18 !

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The machine learning course assumes that you have some programming experience and have done the previous sections.
That is how the FCC curriculum is designed.

It would be pretty hard to just jump right in.

I would suggest learning programming basics before tackling machine learning because it is not a beginner course.

The first 6 certifications teach the MERN(MongoDB, Express, React, Node).
That will give you a healthy base of how to build full stack applications.
The last four teach python.

If you are not interested in learning programming with JavaScript, then there are other courses for Python from beginner to advanced.

Hope that helps!

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