Where can I take classes on SQL and relational databases?

I took a look to the available courses, and none of them seems to fit what I’m looking for. Maybe I just missed it. Can you point me in the right direction?

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The freeCodeCamp youtube channel has great courses to look at.

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Okay, thanks for your reply, I’ll probably take a look at those later.

I’m new to the site. I was wondering under which certification I can find SQL. Where can I find it?

Last I checked I don’t think the curriculum touches on SQL, or more generally, database design. There are some sections on using mongodb, which is another database solution but is a “NOSQL” one.

The coverage for mongodb is also not super deep, especially on such a topic as database design. So even that might not be what your looking for.

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Since FCC currently teaches the MERN stack, it doesn’t have a course on SQL.
You will have to learn SQL through other channels

But they did publish a youtube course on database systems that looks pretty good.

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there is a small section on relational databases in the Scientific Computing with Python certification https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/scientific-computing-with-python/

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you asked, and now it’s there


Hooray it’s finally out!! :grinning:

Ok, guys. Thanks for your answers.