Where can I take classes on SQL and relational databases?

I took a look to the available courses, and none of them seems to fit what I’m looking for. Maybe I just missed it. Can you point me in the right direction?

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The freeCodeCamp youtube channel has great courses to look at.

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Okay, thanks for your reply, I’ll probably take a look at those later.

I’m new to the site. I was wondering under which certification I can find SQL. Where can I find it?

Last I checked I don’t think the curriculum touches on SQL, or more generally, database design. There are some sections on using mongodb, which is another database solution but is a “NOSQL” one.

The coverage for mongodb is also not super deep, especially on such a topic as database design. So even that might not be what your looking for.

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Since FCC currently teaches the MERN stack, it doesn’t have a course on SQL.
You will have to learn SQL through other channels

But they did publish a youtube course on database systems that looks pretty good.

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there is a small section on relational databases in the Scientific Computing with Python certification https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/scientific-computing-with-python/

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you asked, and now it’s there


Hooray it’s finally out!! :grinning:

Ok, guys. Thanks for your answers.

Kitty Ipsum Advanced Bash grep -o command (56% - 61% VSCode; rdb-alpha dev container) is wrong…

Should I start a new thread…?

Hi @ilenia, thank you for posting this link.
I am doing these tutorials right now.
Do you know if there’s a straightforward way I can prove/show that I have completed these tutorials (similarly to what can be done using the freeCodeCamp’s curriculum (https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn)?

this can be considered a preview, the database certification has not yet been included in freecodecamp.org/learn, so, no, there is not a way

I’m stuck trying to make this run on VS Code. Would be nice to see the How to Run a Project in Docker part on a video, no idea what I’m supposed to do ^^U

Thank you for your reply @ilenia .
I am new to Docker and GitHub.
Do you know how can progress (recorded within the container) be showcased in GitHub?
Could you point me to a resource showing how to save/transfer (push?) my progress to GitHub from within the container? Couldn’t find a way/resource…
These docs, for example are made for the developers, not for the “users”/learners: Setup | CodeRoad

Hi @isekainohon.
What have you done so far?
At what step are you in right now?
What is your main obstacle?
Is docker running? ( sudo service docker status on linux/MAC/WSL)?

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Hi, @joaoambiente,

I did install the prerequisites (on a macOS 12.1). Cloned the RDB Alpha repo, opened a terminal cd rdb-alpha, but then doesn’t recognize code ., nor does show “Remote-Containers: Rebuild and Reopen in Container” listed at the command palette even though other “Remote-Containers: (…)” options are showing up.

I wanted to give this course a go since it starts with the command line, but the steps I’m stuck at are requiring me to use the terminal and I barely know how to move through directories. I’m not sure why the commands are not working.

Docker is running (it’s on the systray), after sudo service docker status and pass it returns sudo: service: command not found.

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It would be better if you guys started your own treads and asked questions there so we don’t take over @carloswm85 's thread.

For the relational database course, please create new topics in the #general category and we can keep the conversation going there.

Thanks! :grinning: