Relational Database Course

A few months ago there was mention on your website of an upcoming Relational Database Course. But nothing has come of it yet? I was wondering about the status of that.

I saw a link here: Relational Database Course – How to Learn SQL in VSCode Using Docker and freeCodeCamp

Welcome there,

The article you linked to explains most of it. You can complete the Relational Database curriculum, by following the steps in that article.

Once we are confident with serving the content on the main platform, we will release the curriculum there - it is the same content, though.

Hope this clarifies.


Hi! following the course in VScode now and I was wondering if the process of the course is saved somewhere? And if not , how do I obtain a certificate? Or is that only available when the course is on the main platfrom?

not yet, it is not yet available in the curriculum. It will be soon, but for now it is not saved

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