These courses are undergoing maintenance (Relational Database)

I am thinking of starting this certification but I saw the warning on the page.

"These courses are undergoing maintenance. If they are not working, you can learn how to run them locally at Relational Database Course – How to Learn SQL in VSCode Using Docker and freeCodeCamp.

Your progress will not be saved to your freeCodeCamp account when running them locally"

the CodeAlly page does not redirect to any of the next steps, making me think these are not available at this moment. Do we have a timeline for the maintenance?

Try that, however, I’ve been using it and if I close VS Code I lose my progress and have to start over. I’ve tried asking how to save/load progress with no luck. I’m going to try cloning the repo to my own and use that to see if it works but idk if it’ll work.

Hey Raizel! I have been trying to set up the offline environment for relational database course but when I apply the 3rd step it gives an error i.e. “make sure the docker daemon is running”.

this is the 3rd step: In VS Code, open the command palette with Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + P. Then, enter and run Dev Containers: Rebuild and Reopen in Container

Any help would be appreciated. if there is a tutorial on youtube it will work too