Inquiry Regarding Relational Database Certification Maintenance

I am writing to bring to your attention an issue I am encountering while attempting to link my GitHub account for the Relational Database certification.

Upon clicking the link to connect my GitHub account, I am redirected to the CodeAlly website. However, I am experiencing a continuous loop where it redirects me back to the FreeCodeCamp site without successfully linking my GitHub account. Additionally, I noticed a maintenance banner above the certification, indicating that it is currently under maintenance.

I am eager to pursue the Relational Database certification and would appreciate any information regarding when the maintenance is expected to be completed. I understand that maintenance is crucial for ensuring a smooth learning experience, and I want to ensure that I can progress through the course with my achievements and progress saved on FreeCodeCamp since i need the certificate as well. Please help

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Try the steps I wrote here: Unable to start project - #5 by jacktolmie
First, make sure you enable third party cookies, and then log into before trying to start the project. Good luck.


WOAH. Thank you so very much. That worked. But then, after coming back to the original site. I click on start course and once again it opens up codeally for linking GitHub profile. And this loop is never ending.

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Tried in Mozilla and it’s working

Blessings and success
Can you give me your linkedin