On Becoming Data Engineer

I am about to have a screening test that will assess my application as a Data Engineer, and the topics are going to be SQL, Python, and Spark. I learned a lot about Python and am fond of TensorFlow and Pytorch (though I am not sure it will help) prior to getting my first python certificate here on freeCodeCamp. Regarding the certificates, I have Scientific Computing and about to start the last project of the Data Analysis course. Though SQL looks seemingly easy, at least compared with Python (if I may say so cause I only finished watching a few tutorial videos of SQL), I don’t really have hands-on experience with it. My idea to improve them would be to make a public GitHub repository for creating the SQL queries, with data flow figures, etc. Is it a good idea to start with it or maybe I can presumably find a free SQL Bootcamp with certification so that I can add SQL project linked to my resume?
and what about Spark? I have not even started with it.

ps: I might fail the screening test, but whatever, it’s not my first time failing at something.

Hi @DonBaron !

freeCodeCamp has a relationship database course that teaches SQL.
You could do some of those projects as practice.

Hope that helps!

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