Why isn't there an SQL or database query language section on the full stack developer course at Freecodecamp?

Hi, I was faced with tormenting SQL questions at full stack developer interviews. I was wondering if it could be good to have a SQL advanced training section in the FSD course. Otherwise it ain’t really full stack. It kinda stops at Node/Python for the backend in the current course. But the real deal is database design, data retrieval as per some companies I interviewed with.
Any thoughts ?

Hi @sreejithu
There are video tutorials on SQL in the FCC YouTube channel. You will come across quite a number of them if you search there. The main focus of FCC has been Node, Express, MongoDB and mongoose for the back end. Python was introduced not so long ago. It would be great to have SQL covered as well here on the main platform but it won’t be easy to deliver quality content if FCC spreads itself thin. There are simply so many relevant things out there that it would be difficult to have all of them here on the main platform.

there will be, eventually

The curriculum does include a section for database handling. It teaches MongoDB.

As @nibble pointed out, there are video courses that cover other DBs.

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