A test always fails

A test always fails
Hi all. I finished the project locally on my machine but there is a test which fails however I tested the results of the example project made by freecodecamp.org and that gives the same results as my project. so far I don’t understand why. it is the third test.


solution: https://replit.com/@judaristfullsta/timestamp-api
githubLink: GitHub - judaristFullstack/Timestamp-Api: Build a full stack JavaScript app that is functionally similar to this: https://timestamp-microservice.freecodecamp.rocks/

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Challenge: Timestamp Microservice

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Looks like your get function isn’t returning the correct thing. When I replace that with just someUrlObject.toUTCString() (with a *correctly constructed URL object) I pass all the tests.

*Correctly constructed, as in, one of the constructors takes a number, one takes nothing, and one takes a string.

Thanks for your reply. i figured that out.

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