My logs and testing shows the correct output but the testing fails

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I’m trying to do the timestamp microservice challenge for the backend certification but freeCodeCamp keeps failing my tests (all tests). Whenever I test the live version of the site it returns the expected results. I even copied the code directly from the solution and it still failed… I did some logging and figured out the tests don’t even go to the endpoints that are hit during the tests so I fixed that and it was still broken. In my logs, the right endpoints are hit and the right result is send back, so I can’t understand why I am not passing the tests.

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i can provide the github link but it won’t let me put more than 2 links as a new account

Challenge: Timestamp Microservice

Link to the challenge:

Could you provide a link to your project? The one in your message shows me just a JSON response {'message' : 'hello freecodecamp'}

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