A useful resource for people that are struggling with classes

Hello world!
new programmer here, don’t need help with anything atm.
I am just writing to share a useful resource i found the other day that covers classes in much more detail than how they are covered in the python for everybody course.
This is not do discredit Dr Chuck of course, he is an awesome lecturer and I learned a lot from him.
But I was struggling with his explanation of classes, and found that this channel explained them very well, with plenty of examples and details. All in a short, succinct playlist (6 videos of about 10 minutes each)

Even a beginner programmer like me could follow through and found that his content really helped me with my projects. I obviously do not gain any benefit from recommending him, but as he is quite talented at explaining, I thought that he deserved some recognition by sharing his lessons to the forum.
Hopes this helps people and best of luck to everyone!

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Ah yes, I also find his videos very helpful.