About Build the Game of Life

I am about to start Build the Game of Life
but before I start I want to know something

  1. do I need to use only react and sass nothing else than that ?
  2. some people did this with redux also .is redux make it much easier to develop the project?
  3. is there any specific thing I need to know before start the project ?
  4. if you already completed this project what kind of problem you face most ? Which specific part is difficult then others ?

You need to use React to render the game and Sass to style it. Anything else you feel you need to use is fair game.

I think I’ve seen a project or two that manages to shoehorn Redux in. I don’t see the point in it and think it would significantly overcomplicate things, but you do you.

The more complicated you make this, the more frustrating it will be and the worse it will perform. Make it as simple as possible.

The way I see this project, there’s a “React way” and a “cheating way” to do it. I tried to stick to the React way and the app’s performance suffered for it. So, again, do not overthink this project. You should do fine.

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I love the way you answer :smile: thanks :slight_smile: