Completed the Game of Life

Hi Guys and Girls,

I finally finished my Game of Life, I tried to spend a little more time making it look a little bit nicer. I hope you like it.


I like it. The style and the color are very beautiful.

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Thank you Sophie :slight_smile:

What a game! Brilliant! Congrats like it.

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Really nice, chops off some of the UI on mobile but not as much as to make it unusable at all. Only thing I’d really recommend is if you could automatically stop when it reaches a state where everything’s dead.

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Thanks for the compliments and feedback everyone. I’ll implement the stop board after all blocks are dead and make a grid size with media queries for mobile.

Hey Nims,
it looks very nice, how did you learn React?

Hey @Goethe_AJ,

I’m still learning React even today. But to get to the stage I’m at now I read through reacts getting started docs at The first couple of chapter cover the basics.

I recommend you start using Create React App - it sets everything up correctly to start building React apps quickly.

I then did their tutorial to build a tick-tac-toe game.

Once I had some basic understanding I did the course on Udemy by Stephen Grider - Modern React and Redux - this made everything make a lot more sense and introduced me to redux.

I still look at React docs regularly when I get stuck.

Best designed game of life I’ve seen so far.

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