Game Of Life and final thoughts

Hey Guys. Finished up the game of life project last night and had a chance to submit it today.

Here’s the codepen link

And, git repo:

Although the project seems really hard at first glance, it turned out to be really easy for the basic game of life iteration/optimization.

I used divs to create the cells, but along the way I tested Canvas as well. Re rendering the divs takes up high CPU, but the code looks much cleaner and more readable than plain canvas code. I tried to use fabricjs to easy up the canvas code but went back to regular divs (i guess mainly because i wanted to finish everything up and go to sleep :smiley: )

I also thought about using WebGL:D Any thoughts on this? What to choose: canvas, divs, webgl, svg?

I’m still in recipe app but interesting thoughts, thanks for sharing, can’t wait to take a look at this.

Wonder if it could e done with D3 or is that overkill?

Hey. I would say if you dont know d3 then it will be an overkill. Even canvas is a little bit overkill, given that its just a board where you enable disable elements. The quickest solution is using html elements, at least until you get the logic ready. Once you have a working prototype u can play around with other options, like i did with canvas. Good luck with the project and share the link once u’d be done :wink: