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Problem: my tribute page is terrible with colors! I need help with color designing, thanks!
Mypen: https://codepen.io/CaptainHenry/pen/vYxoYvb?editors=1100

Hey! when we are beginning with site design we don’t know which color combinations would look good together. People like me just keep trying on different color combinations until we create something that suits our taste.

alternatively you could also use a color palette generator to choose different color combinations on your page . you can use this to select a color palete for your website.

After taking a look at your site, the thing i would recommend you to do is to not use too many colors as it can make it harder for people to focus on important stuff. for example you can set the same background color on the contents in the header an the footer element so your user can focus on the main list on the page.

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Thanks! I’ll try that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

In addition to what was well said above.
Congrats for giving importance to the visual aspect of the design.
I would recommend you not to begin with more than 3 colors in your design. The colors you choose must be interrelated(not too much contrast between colors).
A simple way could be, one color for the title,another for background and the third for the contend.
You can make two different combinations and put one on the background,and the other on the content. I will depend of your creativity.
Don’t stop and keep going.!
Best of wishes

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I would also recommend WebAIM’s Contrast Checker in order to check which color tones and nuances correlate with eachother the best. Overall, the score should be over 7:1.


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