A little help with colors

I need help with colors, I’m not good at picking which colors to match, so i want to know if there’s any web site that picked a color tells you which ones are the ones to match

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I know of https://color.adobe.com/nb/explore/?filter=most-popular&time=month for colors that go together and http://bootflat.github.io/color-picker.html for just finding nice colors


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I use this website to help me with creating color schemes:

It’s free and you can save different color collections that you like, but can’t use in the current project.

It gives the hex code and you can adjust the shades and hues if it’s close but not quite right.

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Both these sites are really good at picking out flat colors that pair well:

The Firefox Developer Edition browser also has a tool called Eyedropper which lets you hover over any element on any website and it will give you the hex code for that color.

@Razeft91 Here are three more helpful color-related sites:

Color Palletes: http://paletton.com/
Contrast Checker: https://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/
Gradient Helper: https://www.grabient.com/

I use the ColorsWall.com to generate palettes

i second this article! awesome!