Color scheme websites

So one thing I’m lacking for a better word is really an eye for colors if that makes sense. I would be perfectly fine if someone said “I want a blue background with purple text” no problem I can do that. But if they say “you choose” ehhhh I’m spending the next several hours what to do lol. What’s a good website that some have used?

These are some of the sites I’ve used.

This site is good for random inspiration:

This site is great if you have a picture that you want to base the color pallet off of:

Lastly, I used this site once when I had one color that I knew I wanted to use, and wanted to find a few others to complement it:

I found all of these by just googling stuff like “color palette generator” or “color palette from image.”

I hope this helps!


Coolors did not really catch my eye. The website kept redirecting me when I clicked on something. Don’t trust that. I will check the other one later out.

Adobe has a tool for this called Kuler.

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I will check it out. Appreciate it

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