About importing icon in Font Awsome to CodePen

Problem I don’t know how to get icon into the codepen!
I try download the file as the page said, I go search on YouTube but there tutorial is used on Visual Studio!

Hie previously I searched for the same issue but didn’t find any right answers so instead of downloading icons I used font awesome web API.

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Sorry for my lack of knowlegde but can you give me an example for more specific? That would be nice, thanks!

API stands for Application Programming Interface it helps you to get data from the server. font awesome gives us a way to connect to their server this helps us to directly load the icons in our webpage using few lines of code.

below are the steps which may help you to get started:

sign in to the website->

  1. in your profile go to kits
    2)you will be directed to the kits page if you don’t see a kit create a new one.

  1. open the kit
  2. copy the kit code and paste it into the head tag.

this process helps you to connect to the font awesome server/API ( application programming interface)

now go to font awsome and search for the icon you want

click on start using the icon, you will be given an HTML code copy it and paste it into your document where you want the icon.

the above is a webpage using font awesome to display a compass icon to the user this is how icons are integrated in codepen.

Hope this helps.

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Woah! Thanks! I’m really greatful for these!

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