About JS, not sure what I'm missing

Hi thanks for coming, english is not my native but I want to you guys understand. Before we start, here is my backstory.

I learn some programming language, and HTML, CSS when I’m still a student back in 2013. But I didn’t finish my college and stop coding and go somewhere else . It happen on this March, I want to change my life. So I learn JS and join this bootcamp in my country. They teach React, Node, and Redux. I’ve failed twice for total of 3 month, and the mentor said that my HTML and CSS is somewhat improving but my JS logic and code reading are poor. They suggest me to learn the fundamental.

And since that day I learn from basic again. I notice that I already know the fundamental like if else, switch, array, etc since I learn some language back in my college. But for the advance stuff like creating a login & redirect system my mind suddenly goes blank. I’ve done code the form but stuck on how to make it login and redirect.

I’m not sure what I’ve miss. Do I need to learn more JS advance stuff like ES6, async, or learn the concept how the function actually work.

Please help, any suggestion would be good.

Oh by the way, I’m currently working on curriculum and Web Design Certificate. My goal is to get that Fullstack Certificate :grinning:

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I really struggle with Javascript even after the JS courses given in FCC. So my mom just got me a book called “A Smarter Way to Learn Javascript” by Mark Meyers.

I did the first lesson/chapter today and I really enjoyed it. You can look it up and see if it might be the thing for you! Best of luck!

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Hi, I am not an expert on this .
However, I think you will know the answer once you go through all the HTML/CSS/JS courses and get the certificates. Just follow the curriculum here and you will find your way. I am sure you are a fast learner than me since you already have all the background knowledges ! Yay great start! Just keep going!
Good luck!

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hey friend! I have gone through all the exercises in that book. It is indeed a gentle way to get started with JavaScript, and gives you lots of repetitions in doing the code. That’s a great thing, imo.


That’s great! Does the author have something similar for more advanced Javascript?

I have only been coding since March, but if your mentor said that, the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures cert here will be a good test. It is, though, a bit too hard, I think… so to fill in the gaps and give you repetitions, I’d suggest also going through Codecademy stuff (free or Pro, it all counts) and I found a nice little site with lots of practice problems that aren’t too hard: https://www.w3resource.com/javascript-exercises/javascript-basic-exercises.php

If you do a few of those a day, it will help, I think.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that you really have to build your own stuff. The tutorials is not enough. So I’d suggest making lots of little projects on your own. I mean like little sites with forms that run programs, whatever makes you smile.

Like–if you promise not to laugh–here is a site I made a few weeks ago. I learned a lot doing it!


Not really, unfortunately. He does have a JQuery book, which I haven’t gone through, which in a way is more advanced? After that book, I got Beginning JavaScript by Jeremy McPeak which really taught me a lot.

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Oh, okay. Thank you!

So there is a big difference between knowing the syntax of a language, knowing how to “program stuff” using that language, and knowing how to build systems using said language.

Each of these things could actually be considered separate knowledge. In that you can know all the syntax of a language and not know anything about “programming”. You could also know all the underlying Computer Science of a problem, but not know a lick of a programming language’s syntax. You could also know exactly how you’d build a “login system”, but not know how to implement it in a given language.

What you should focus on is first identify what you don’t know. As I pointed out above, there are actually 3 distinct parts of a “login system”, and each part has its own complexities that you can focus on by themselves. Without knowing all three you wont be able to “build a login system” to any degree without much trouble, and even if you did know all three pretty well, you’d still need to bash it out, and maybe google some help here and there. Such is normal.

Its possible you understand a language’s syntax, but less so on how to solve problems with it. This is where just practicing helps. Solve bigger problems by cutting it down into smaller problems until you get to a point your down to basics. Knowing how to do this takes time and practice.

Its also possible you don’t know how a login system would even work. This is where you’d go look at a tutorial on the basics of such, or read a guide to get your feet wet with what you need to dive deeper into. Consider this a high level idea so you can learn what concepts you need to program.

Finally, I recommend just continuing with freeCodeCamp regardless. FCC purposely will get you thru learning some structure to cover the “syntax” and “programming” along with guide you through some projects that implement different parts of a “login system” among other things.

Keep building, keep learning, good luck!


Hi, I already done a few part from that book and implement it on the site. And I admit, it’s really a different approach. Really, really a smart way to learn. Thanks friend. You help me a lot!

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Oh and thanks to everyone for the help. Your suggestion has open my mind. I’ll keep practice! Sure it’ll take time but it will worth anyway! Oh and @CactusWren2020 I’m not laugh so I already keep my promise, you did a great job man! :smiley:

Your welcome. I’m so glad i could help! Best if luck!

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