About learning new skills

Hello, I am new in this field. I don’t have experience in tech . I am interested to learn it. What can I learn first as a web developer, not full stuck. I need to learn basics. Is it enough to get hired? for example html and css is enough for beginner web developer? or I have to learn any code language also? I am also graphical design, which one is easier to learn as a beginner ? Or can I learn it together?

You would need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, a frontend framework like React and some very basic backend (building a simple REST API) as a minimum for frontend roles.

HTML and CSS are not enough on their own.

It will likely take more than a year before you have those skills developed.

Start with this course and work your way through the curriculum.


I was as designer before I changed careers. Graphic design and programming are two different beasts. They overlap sometimes in front end development, but all in all are completely different paths.

Only go into design if you have the passion and are willing to take the risk. It has always been an unsafe career for the majority of designers. Now with a lot more global competition and AI on the rise (even if many in the field deny it) it’s even more uncertain.