About Projects, Can I do them with someone?


I’m new here, and I already reached the first project part. Probably, this topic has been discussed in the past, or there is some information about it somewhere but I just don’t find it, or I don’t find another post about it.

I was wondering if I can do it together with my cousin. We started on freeCodeCamp almost at the same time, and well I was wondering if there is a way to do projects together.

I read something about doing some stuff with other campers, but I didn’t understand it too well.

And another question: If projects can be done with others, all of them can be done that way? What about the first?


I don’t speak for fCC, but I assume that they want you to do your own projects. That being said, I don’t think they’d mind if you guys were working next to each other and bouncing ideas off of each other. There’s nothing wrong checking with people (it’s encouraged). But I don’t think they want you guys to turn in the same project.

I know it’s scary to get started. But you just have to do it. And when you run into a problem, do a google search. If that doesn’t work. ask here - just make sure the question is specific.

Pair programming is ok, so yes, you can do projects with someone else as long as you actually understand the project and the solution you are applying to it.


Of course, later in that same post it says, “You can experience these benefits by pair programming with other Free Code Camp students on our coding challenges.[emphasis added]” He was asking about the “projects”. It’s up to fCC, but at some point, if you let people pair up for the “final exam”, doesn’t it open up the possibility that one person doesn’t really learn? Doesn’t that run the risk of devaluing the certificate if people can get through without doing their own work? It’s already kind of an honor system, but that seems like it’s making it too easy.

Don’t get me wrong, pair programming sounds like an interesting idea. But it seems a great way to learn and study, but a person should learn how to code on their own too to make sure they aren’t cheating themselves. And probably not to take the exam in pairs. Just my $.02. It’s not my site, but that’s my $.02.