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Hi people!

My storage space in disk is very limited, and i download a lot of PDF’s so i thought about saving them directly at the cloud (Google Drive, Mega, Dropbox…) i did some research and found that google has it own tool to directly save files into GDrive as a Chrome Extension, which is awesome! Thing is, i just don’t use Chrome at all.
Matter of fact, for privacy concern i avoid using anything Google related, and i found out that other browsers don’t have this awesome feature that Chrome have, so i thought in developing it by myself for personal use, because there’s some 3rd party websites that do the job, but since i care so much about privacy i just can’t trust it, plus i thought it would be great as a personal project, to develop a firefox extension to do it, what would you guys recommend me?

So just to be clear you want to create a Firefox extension to save to google drive or save to your own site? (by making your own “third party service”)

So how far you want to go depends on how much you care about privacy.

  1. You could use a cloud service to “store” stuff in the cloud such as Google Storage, or an AWS S3 bucket, this would be easy to implement, but means your still using a third party to “hold” your stuff. Their SLA’s usually say they wont read/look at your stuff, and encryption is usually built in, but if your already worried about privacy this might be too much for you.

  2. You could build you own storage system which would give you even more freedom, but then you’d need to host it somewhere, this again brings in a third party (lets say Digital Ocean), and limits how far you can scale without getting back to step 1.

  3. You could build your own storage system and host it locally on your own machine, but then you’d suffer from lack of supported infrastructure, and still need to setup the extension to “connect” to your local infrastructure, which raises a ton of security, scalability and availability problems, but you get max privacy.

  4. Finally even if you get all the way to level 3, you either built a service just for yourself (minimal scale), or you built another service from the ground up where end user’s privacy still matters as they have to access their data, and thus you need to keep track of who is who. (along with take along all security implications related to keeping track of users)

Alternatively just building a Firefox extension to save to Google Drive is vastly more doable, and I’m amazed it doesn’t actually already exist :open_mouth:

Finally, there is already a first part Firefox service that can be used to securely transfer files around : https://send.firefox.com/

This doesn’t save anything anywhere like Google Drive, but it might be useful to look into, or potentially use. Its also open source

No mister, just in Google Drive or pretty much any other like Mega, DropBox…that works as an extension to firefox, since i trust it more than Chrome not only for my privacy but it’s more of a personal choice.

Indeed, that’s what’s on my mind, i’m amazed aswell, did my research but only found websites that can directly download to drive, but i’m not interested, just want a firefox extension, don’t ask me why, but where i searched, people pretty much said “oh don’t trust your personal files to them because they can get your data” and stuff like that.
I appreciate your detailed answer mister, but that is exactly what i want, sorry if i wasn’t clear in my post!

But, as much as it’s amazing that nobody did it before i have no idea how to implement since the chrome extension isn’t open source, so i can’t reverse engineer to work on firefox, which was my main idea to build it, also found some other self-made extensions on stack overflow and other sites that are build on Google App Scripts, but i’m afraid i can’t build it by my onw so you have any idea?


So to be clear Google owns both Google Drive and Google Chrome. They way Google Chrome Extensions work is they essentially run a webpage + JS script in the background, so its roughly as secure as going to any website using Google chrome itself.

So to be concerned with just Google Chrome privacy but not Google Drive’s privacy doesn’t seem to be worth much since they are both Google services.

Now if you just want to build a “save to drive” Firefox extension for the sake of it, regardless of your reason to use Firefox over Chrome then that’s fine.

To get this to work you’d probably work with google drive apis and go thru an oauth flow so a user “signs-in” to their google account with the extension, then anytime they save something the extension uses their saved auth credentials to call the google api and save the file to their drive. I don’t think this is possible without a backend server running somewhere to securely interact with the google drive api though at some point, but I’m not 100% sure.

If you don’t have a clue about anything I just said, I’d recommend looking into the apis google provides, so you can figure out how to upload a file to drive, then look into how to build a Firefox extension, and then figure out how to combine those two.

Good luck!

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