About semantics theming for wordpress

Hi guys! I’m trying to adapt an own design as a wordpress theme but I have a question about how should work for a wordpress theme, regarding with semantics.

I’m using understrap as base theme (underscore + bootstrap) and I have my design made in html/sass (no bootstrap) . So my question is about semantics, I made my design following all semantics standards learned on FCC, I used tags like “header” “section” etc to layout mi page like this:

<div class="hero">
        <div class="overlay">
                <div class="top-bar">
                    <img src="./img/logo.png" alt="logo" class="logo">
                    <p>Dark Friday: <span>25% OFF</span> en todos nuestros productos!!</p>
                    <input type="search" placeholder="Buscar Producto">
                <nav id="main-menu">

But this theme layout is made everything with divs, so my question is if I can safely change these divs for the tags used on my own design like this:

<!-- understrap -->
<div id="wrapper-navbar">
<!-- change to -->
<header id="wrapper-navbar">

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