"Applied-Accessiblity" question

This question isn’t about the specific assignment. I was able to grasp and successful complete the reading, understanding of the material, and the coding assignment to “pass” the lesson to the next level. However, I find myself having a followup question. Wonder if anyone has any experience to share or thoughts about it.

So the lesson in question is “Wrap Content in the Article Element” (content link) This lesson discusses the addition of ARTICLE and SECTION to HTML5 and draws the distinctions in use between them, as well as when to use DIV instead. As stated, it is a mater of discretion so likely no two people will answer this the same–just wondering. What do y’all think of the scenario, common in blogging, of a SERIES of articles? Where one article, while it is meant to be an article which CAN stand alone, on its own, it is part of a greater series of articles?

Thoughts? Experiences? Pros? Cons?

You’re correct there.
You’ll find more info by searching for something like “html semantic tags” or even “html semantic tags vs div

When it comes to text that doesn’t affect function, personal preference will come into play. Semantic elements, how one names classes/ids, etc. Rule of thumb is as long as it will be clear to other readers, or yourself later down the line; you will be okay.

One particular thing of note is, if the tag is semantic in nature, there is really no right/wrong place to put it. What I mean is you can have <article> nested in <articles>, or multiple <nav> as long as it suits the page.

Bit of any update for anyone who searches and comes across this question in the future. Apparently, no one on the coding side of this has asked/answered this question. Alternatively, no one on the blogging/blogger, content creator, or WordPress(WP) side of this has thought to ask it either–or its not in the search engines to find (yet). I’m continuing to look for a “best practices” type of article. So far, all I’ve found is debates on WHEN to USE vs. the section within an article tag, info on how it displays in different browsers–all of which are interesting but doesn’t directly give the answer to my question of what is the best practices, when blogging or in other content creation, when there are a series of related articles.