Aside and Article HTML/CSS

What makes aside and article tag?
I can not understand his action. Please add examples of their use.

This might help:

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Yes. Thank you.:slight_smile:

I think <header>, <nav>, and <footer> make a lot of sense. But I find <article>, <section>, and <aside> to be confusingly similar.

<article> and <section> seem to be the same to me?
<aside> from what?

Sometimes I just want to wrap other elements with an element whose only purpose is for styling/positioning. I use a <div> for this purpose because I don’t find <section> to be any more intuitively meaningful than <div>. Perhaps the browser can understand the semantic meaning of a <section> better (?), but it makes my job harder to sit and ponder when a <section> is appropriate and when a <div> is appropriate and it makes the HTML harder to read.

Matty - they don’t do anything ‘specifically’ because you set up an aside - they just block out a section of code between the opening and closing tags as ‘aside’ text or ‘article’ text depending on what tag you use so you could apply any special CSS you might set up for all articles or all asides.

You don’t have to use them at all honestly - but they’re helpful if you have special formatting you’ll want to apply to a lot of sections it’s easier to remember a tag than a class name
That’s how I see them

aside is mostly used for lateral menus i think… :wink:

well you can use it for anything you like ‘as an aside’ may be a bit old fashioned but it’s ‘lecture’ term where you’re usually going to veer off the main topic to give a piece of information or anecdote on something tangentially related. If you’re writing a blog article, you might want to say something about a point you just made - you could set up asides to be smaller, in a different color font, and italics or something

(My blog posts have lots of asides, i write like i think, but I don’t actually use asides now since it’s a dynamic thing using markdown to format the blog posts which isn’t really necessary at this point but would be in the future)

See - that’s an aside :wink:

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