Semantic html for seo?


is it wrong to do it like this when it comes to SEO?


I mean, should semantic html be coded in a specific way to work as it should or is it just about the data that we put into the specific semantic elements?

I don’t think it matters for SEO, but container is an invalid HTML element. Did you mean <div class="container">

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Also <aside></aside> :slight_smile:

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I dont think i have any side data. or what does aside really mean?
Sometimes I think those semantic elements are very confusing

on one page I have a second nav to the left. should an aside be used around that nav?

The HTML <aside> element represents a portion of a document whose content is only indirectly related to the document’s main content. Asides are frequently presented as sidebars or call-out boxes.

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Guys, does anyone have a detailed tutorial on how to set up SEO correctly? I would be very grateful!

Hi @Xaire!

Welcome to the forum! I would suggest creating a new topic for your question instead of adding it to a thread that is over a year old.