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It’s great to see freeCodeCamp provides C# courses now. I’ll keep an eye on it.


Hi Quincy. Many thanks for bringing this course and the certification to freeCodeCamp. I’m currently halfway through Part 3 and I find the material pretty good so far. Had a steep learning curve with some topics asked in one of the challenges, that I never heard before in the course, but it was a good opportunity to dig deeper into the documentation and grinding through it by just doing and trial and error. Great to have freeCodeCamp as learning source. Thanks! :fire:

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Thank you, Quincy, to you and all who helped make this new training opportunity possible for learners on freeCodeCamp.

I just received my first trophy in the C# learning, and was able to enter it in freeCodeCamp, and link the accounts.

Thank you, again, to you and all, who made this possible.