Control variable scope and using logic - course material

Hey peeps - Really enjoying the course content and looking forward to getting the certificate, its been really helpful for me and I just started a new job that heavily uses .NET and C#

One thing is that in the above module, I’ve been used to the questions asking the same ones from Microsoft learn so far, but the module above asked something that did not come up in the Microsoft learn course at all, and wanted to know if that was intentional?

Hi there. I guess this is only a mistake. There were others mentioning this too.

Chapter and followup questyion not related - C# - The freeCodeCamp Forum

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Thanks for the link! Hopefully it gets reviewed :blush:

Is the forum the best place to report these kinds of things?

I think if it is something that’s wrong on the freeCodeCamp side, then it’s the correct place to post it. If it is in the course itself, I guess using the feedback option inside the course module would be appropriate.