(absolute beginner) how do I run a Python script & how do I edit JSON?

Hi guys,

This is properly easy to do but i have no idea how to do it.

So I downloaded something from GitHub that is supposed to help me find codes on a websites.

The instructions are following:
After running edit: $HOME/.config/crunchyroll-guest-pass-finder/accounts.json
The JSON file is an array of dictionaries containing the following fields
Fields are:
Username - username of the account
Password - password of the account
Active (optional) - if set and false, then the account is ignored
Duration (optional)- how to wait after the account is activated until the next account should be activated. Default is 4

How do I run an edit json file. I have no idea.

I hope you guys can help me.

Sorry for repost but I think I put the first post in the wrong section

First of thank you for the response.

I am really sorry but I don’t know how to do anything with json or programming. Can you sent me a YouTube tutorial on how to run it. it would really help.

Here is the place i downloaded the folder: https://github.com/TAAPArthur/CrunchyrollGuestPassFinder

Again really sorry but i don’t understand what you are doing.

JSON isn’t run, it’s just a text file used for transferring data that’s written a certain way that makes it easy for computers and humans to read.

This is a program written in the Python programming language that produces a JSON file that you use to configure the accounts: once it’s generated it’s self-explanatory. You open the file using a text editor, for example Notepad if you’re on Windows, and you fill in the details you’ll need to generate the guest passes.

So you run the program using Python. I don’t really use Python much so I’m not the best person to ask re setting it up as an absolute beginner, but you’re going to need to follow instructions on the Python site (Note that Python is already installed on Mac’s, that only really applies on Windows J think), then open the terminal (CMD.exe on Windows, Terminal app on Macs), navigate to the folder this program is in and type python crunchyroll-guest-pass-finder.py. As I say, I don’t use Python much so someone else may be better placed to help you get this running.

When it runs, it’s going to create that JSON file. I think you just need to edit it with real details (??) then run the program again and get it to generate the guest passes – I’ve only got the vaguest idea what this actually does so you’ll be a bit better placed to say

Edit: I’m editing the title of this post to make it a bit easier for people who might be able to help to pick it up

Thank you so much DanCouper.

Everything makes a lot more sence now.

I was still having some trouble. (I am on Windows BTW) When i used the CMD IT didn’t work and when i used Python this happend:download_20200620_175048|369x122

I also tried to just pull the PY file to the Python application but that didn’t work either.