Access to forum denied

Hello freecodecampers, please can some one tell me why i can’t access this forum on my PC ? It just keep loading a blank page on all my browsers. And because of this i can’t share my code when i have bugs in them. Please help!!

I’ve not heard of that problem.

Did you try logging out and back in? Reboot? Clear the browser cache? Try a different browser? Do you have an aggressive firewall setting?

Do you know how to open the browser console and see if there is anything weird there or in the network tab?

I have tried using chrome, mozilla firefox, IE. But none of them seems to work. I also cleared my cache but it keeps telling me ‘‘your network is not secured’’

What is the “it” in that sentence?

Make sure you are using the https connection.

That is the message that pops up on my browser

I’m not quite familiar with that can you tell me how to go about it please ?

What is the “it” in that sentence?

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I am refaring to my browser sir.

OK, but what are you asking how to do?

Are you talking about the dev tools?

OK, let’s talk about some fundamental skills for a developer…

Communication: Learn to communicate clearly. We cannot see your screen and we cannot read your mind to know about what you are thinking at any given moment.

Dev Tools: These are extremely important to a web developer. I realize that you haven’t met them yet - that’s cool. This is a chance to learn about them.

Google: Probably the greatest tool a developer has is google. I am three hours into my work day and I’ve already googled 4-5 things.

So, when I google dev tools, I find this.

Take a look at see what you can figure out.

I’m guessing that you have some security setting that is blocking this site or putting up a warning. You may have to whitelist this site somewhere.

Do you have some antivirus? I would want to check the documentation for that and your firewall to find out if this site isn’t on a blacklist and maybe add it to a whitelist.

Also, is there no more information on your “your network is not secured” screen? Does this happen with any other page?

Thanks for telling me about Dev tools. Regarding your last respond, i just discovered that the forum is not the only site i can’t access. But it surprises me that i can log into my freecodecamp profile without any issue.

I already uninstalled my antivirus. So after the browser indicates ‘‘your network is not secured’’ i clicked on advanced options and it gave me and option to proceed anyway.
So when i clicked proceed it loaded a blank page.

Yeah, that sounds like something in your antivirus or firewall. You will need to look those up, and/or your OS.

I suspect my OS.

I’m using windows 7. Let me try and upgrade to windows 8 or 10.

Yeah, Win7 has been deprecated and is no longer receiving security updates for two years now. Win10 is a pretty good release if you can do it.

Ok, thanks for your help

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have you tried clearing cache?

Yeah i did sir. Just concluded i will change the OS

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