Can't access JavaScript curriculum

Who else can’t access the curriculum? Been trying since yesterday but still won’t load.

well this is reachable:

. This is what I am getting.

Strange. Can you reach the startpage?:

Yes, I can. The problem starts when I try to access the curriculum.

it’s on your side.

flush cookies, dns. try other computer/laptop, other browser…
reset router…things like this hehe.

Still won’t work. Maybe its the server for this country.

Just an idea: if you log out, can you then reach the page?

Or: maybe you have addblocker/ antivirus-extensions in chrome…

Even if I log out the problem still persists.

Can the desktop antivirus block it? I have the same issues. I use Avast. I’ve already read more about how to disable Avast. If I disable Avast everything works properly, if it is enabled - 50/50 so it is hard to say that the problem is with antivirus. What can you say?