After login i could not accessing the ciriculum page
this link is not responding anything to me

Bugs should be reported as GitHub Issues. Before creating an issue, please do a search to make sure that it hasn’t already been reported.

Please note that if you are using Microsoft Edge or Safari, those browsers have chosen not to adopt modern web standards and do not function properly.

Sir i have search from my side… its not working on any browser… curriculum button on nav-bar showing error… i am currently using lattest chrome and explorer 11 browsers…

Except this all i also tried from other places there is also same issue i have faced…
I thinks its an issue from server.

Link which is showing error :

yes absolutely… this link is of curriculum button… this is not responding anything

i want to start codding so this website is not more for coding purpose??

You aren’t in Pakistan by any chance, are you? Many users have reported that is blocked in Pakistan (presumably the service that we use to host it) and they can only access it via a proxy.