Freecodecamp not working?

i recently signed up on and today i found that it is not working anymore
My location is Pakistan

No, it’s working but there’s a bug when I open curriculum nothing shows up but after reloading the page it works for me.

Please be more specific and unambigous so that your issue is clear. is opening but when i click at go to my curriculum it redirects to and it says this in image below

My best guess is that either you happened to try to log in when the servers were briefly down, or FCC is being blocked by your ISP. If you’re still having problems, you can report it as a GitHub Issue (please provide as much detail as you can).

I am having the same issue.

i have created this github issue for unable to access my curriculum

You too from Pakistan?

Yes . I am also from pakistan

I have just tried it with Hotspot (proxy server) now its working. Looks like some region issue.

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yes, Allhamdullilah its working on proxy, Jazakallahu khair.
and my progess is also back on track which was not available when this update just came.

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