Accidentally deleted CodeRoad tab, can't get it back

Screenshot below of accidental deletion of ‘CodeRoad’ while doing exercise of Advance Bash. Can’t get back the instructions now to follow this exercise. Tried opening command palette (Crtl + Shift + p) and entering ‘Coderoad’; their is a prompt called ‘CodeRoad: Start’, but it gives the error shown in the screenshot.

How to resolve this issue?

Hi FreeCodeCamp Community,

Still unable to resolve this issue and proceed forward with advance Bash lesson. Not so important as this is not part of certificate program. This gives me an idea that the stream of questions can be placed elsewhere also, like in GitHub (I believe competitor Odin Project is doing this way), instead of just in the CodeRoad tab (which I closed accidentally and can’t open again).

Also, CodeAlly seems to be down:

Happy Coding

Issue just resolved automatically from my side; perhaps the dev teams implemented an update on the website!

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