Account problems

It’s been about a month since I logged in and since then I’ve had some hardware issues. I don’t have access to the phone number registered with my account and my password seems to be missing from my spreadsheet. Who knew?

So I can’t log in to my account “<redacted>” and I’ve already set up monthly donations in that account to avoid the popup asking me to contribute. Not only that, but if I change my mind in a year, there’s no way I can log in to close the account and stop the donations…

In the meantime, I’ve signed up for a new account in order to post this and get back into the swing of it. How can I get my mobile phone number or default email address in my locked account changed so I can get a log in code?


I’m removing your email address to protect your privacy. You will need to write to with proof that the account is yours

also note that the curriculum account and the forum account are two different accounts, not related to each other

you can also stop donations writing there too

Okay. Thank you. I’ll write to them now.