Account Trouble

Hey all, I switched computers, and now when i log into my profile is missing a lot of progress. I have finished my responsive web course and and in Javascript. However my profile is now saying I’m only half way through the responsive web design course.

It’s odd because in the forum section, I can see all my forum posts about my projects and my profile picture is right. When I hit the visit the curriculum button, I get the default profile picture and the incomplete course.

I’ve checked to make sure I’m logged into the correct profile and that I don’t have a duplicate profile. Any ideas on whats going on?

I haven’t been following the issue closely, but I understand that some users have been encountering intermittent issues with some challenges not saving. While this is irritating, it doesn’t affect your freeCodeCamp progress. If you plan to claim certificates, only the projects are required.

Thanks for that info! I was speeding through everything until now. I still have all my projects saved in codepin. Saves me a big headache!

does your username match what you expect to find?

Hello there,

Just to clarify: The forum and accounts are completely separate. Different hosts, different stacks, different databases.

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