Activate emmet in code editor

How to activate emmet in Freecodecamp code editor?

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The text editor that FCC uses is the monaco editor. Here is the GitHub for that editor.

It is not possible to install emmet on web editor?

The library used for FCC is just that, a javascript library. All it does is provide the tools needed to provide an environment to edit code in a browser. It’s not an application like VS Code, you can’t just install plugins, because the plugins don’t have anything to do with the code editor itself: using and installing them is a feature of the application. You can’t install things into a library, it’s just a chunk of code that provides some useful stuff, a library is not an application.

From the FAQ for the library:

:question: What is the relationship between VS Code’s version and the Monaco Editors’ version?
:question: I’ve written an extension for VS Code, will it work in the Monaco Editor in a browser?

Emmet is an extension/plugin for text editor applications, (as in a full program you download and install, like VS Code). The text editor library used on FCC has no concept of what plugins are, that functionality would have to be coded into the FCC application itself which is not something that’s ever going to be done: the point is to allow users to write answers to tests, not to use it as a code editor (so for example Emmet’s finctionality is in CodePen, but the aims of CodePen are completely different to FCC)

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