Zen coding within the editor

Hello there… I am with freecodecamp maybe for abt 1 yr or more.Had some gap for a while and now trying to continue. Anyway, is Zen coding or any other form of short coding plugin or facility available here on the online editor? And if anything like these are available… how to use the feature?? I tried the by-default ‘Expand Abbreviation’ hotkey ‘Ctrl+E’ of zen-coding in the editor… but it doesn’t work! If there’s any other way??? Thanks in advance for reply.

I don’t know what “zen coding” is, but there is not an option to add plugins to the FCC editor.

Zen coding is the old name for Emmet abbreviations. They actually used to be supported but fCC has recently changed editor systems and doesn’t support it yet. It’s a popular request though so possibly coming upstream.

I don’t have any idea about this. The answer of your questions maybe helpful to me.