Adding youtube vid to my Product landing page code

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I am having an issue adding a Youtube vid to my code, is not just playing, I have tried to put the embed comments but just not working

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<section id="working-methods">
      <iframe id="video" width="400" height="315"

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User Agent is: Chrome

Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

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You left part of the URL with the start time but it is before the ? which starts the rest of the query parameters in the URL.

Compare the two:

What you have:

What it should be:

The ? starts the parameter list and each parameter is separated using &


Hi there, I understand your frustration, I will suggest you to create a section id of your YouTube video, you follow it by the iframe or you can follow this example:

Happy coding…

thanks for taking the time to create the demo. I wish more comments would include things like this. I really think the visual helps.

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That’s just a standard post the moderators use to help people format.

We’re volunteers and have personal lives and we do the best we can.

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Understood. I hope it was understood that I was giving a sincere thanks though. I know sometimes comments are hard to interpret someone’s tone.


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