Addition to freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Use a CSS Class to Style an Element

If you look at the original post for problems with this challenge, you, too, may get frustrated that there was no solution(s) marked clearly as solutions. I still have no absolute solution, just what worked for me on my Android mobile. I copy/pasted the example code into Google Docs, made the necessary corrections for that particular challenge, and then copy/pasted the edited code back into the original editor.

This challenge was the first one that gave me any editor issues, but because I often use my mobile instead of a laptop, tablet, or desktop, I have the feeling that I may have to use this solution often. Quite tedious, but c’est la vie for now. I am sure that someone will resolve this for future challenge participants, hopefully sooner rather than later.

I’m sorry, but I’m really confused about what you’re talking about. Are you saying that the Guide doesn’t have an entry for this challenge? If so, what does that have to do with your device or Google Docs?

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Sorry, I should have added more details. There is already a topic for this issue, just as there is for all the challenges. However, it was closed so I couldn’t add to it. The thread did not seem to have a solution that worked for everyone having the problem (correct code but the results not showing as expected). I wrote the workaround that did it for me in case someone else doing the challenges might benefit from it.

I do not have any problems whatsoever when I do the challenges on my Chromebook, just sometimes when I am doing them on my Android mobile. Google Docs is not necessary, it is just the quick editor most convenient for me when I am using my phone.