CSS Tutorial Issues

Having issues with the testing on the 1st CSS challenge. It shouldnt be hard at all but the test keeps stating I am missing a " ; " when it is clearly there. It is also stating that the h2 element should be in “red” which it is.

I am using chrome and have been without issues thus far.


What is your current code?

Within the h2 tags … style=“color: blue;”

Still having issues, any ideas why its not working?

See screenshot attached for the code output and the reply from the test running…

Try to solve the first one, it says your text should be red
The other one is probably checking character by character, so you will need to fix the first one before being able to see if the second one needs extra work

Sorry about that I guess I was reading the example as blue and somehow I thought it said to make the element blue. Totally my fault and feel super stupid right now!