Advanced Node and Express - ensureAuthenticated always failing

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Hello, I’ve been tried to do the Advanced Node and Express course here on FCC.
I’ve been passing all the tests, but the app is clearly not working.

Specifically, I am having problems with login, where authentication always fails, and I don’t understand why.
The database creates and finds the users (on register and login routes), as I can log them on the console. Serialize also works.

However, somewhere between /login and /profile, the user information seems to be lost and the authentication fails.

There are also some other issues (for example, I always get a “Cannot GET” when I first initialize the app, but refreshing the page solves the problem; Github authentication isn’t working either, as github doesn’t response, even though the tests pass).

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Challenge: Clean Up Your Project with Modules

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Turns out that the authentication succeds when I use the “fullpage view”.

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