Advice for Career Restart

What are the entry-level job positions that one can apply to after learning python fundamentals? Thanks in advance.

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This doesn’t exactly answer your question, but unfortunately, just learning Python language fundamentals isn’t really enough of a skill set to make you employable, especially when Python has multiple “applications” - i.e., data science, AI/ML, web development, and even other fields.

If you’re here to learn web development, you need to also learn Flask and/or Django. And a bunch of other things that are mentioned here: Learn to become a modern backend developer

So it’s actually sort of a long road to learning back-end development in any language, even for just entry-level jobs. At a minimum you should be able to build both REST and GraphQL APIs written in either Flask or Django (and it’s a good idea to learn both, because you never know which one a company might be using) that can interface to both SQL and NoSQL databases. Once you can do that, you’ll be ready for entry-level back-end Python jobs.


Thanks for your time and effort. I appreciated it. I was pursuing Ph. D (CSE) and my research area was on machine learning. I started learning Python programing for my research. Many strong reasons force me to quit Ph. D. Now I would like to restart my career from academics to industry or business. But I don’t have experience except teaching. I want to join a remote position that would help me to grow as an ML engineer. Could you please guide me on this how should I start?
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Sorry I don’t know anything about learning ML or careers in that field. Hopefully someone else can advise on that.

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Hi Kara,
Regarding your Python, I had an epiphany the other day. I realized that just learning Python or any software is like saying I learned about hammers or saws. I realized that I needed to take it to the next step.

Q. Why did you learn to program? What did you want to make? For example, have you tried making a website to show your phone pics or something in Flask or Django?

In other words, “What do you want to make with the hammer and saw?” :wink:

There is a mailing list for remote ML, but no entry-level positions there.

You can try fast ai course/forums. Community is nice and they teach practical things. Also using python, so you don’t have to learn another syntax. Should also be able to discuss your career path in ML in more detail. Here is mostly frontend/backend.

My advice (take it with a big grain of salt, as I’m no professional) - focus on SQL, get a job in data preparation(cleaning, optimising, transfering databases), there are some remote entry jobs for that positions if you search. Then slowly take it from there.

SQL is not going anywhere. If Machine Learning will be a flop, you will still have a strong skill.

Best of luck.

Thanks a lot for your advice for GraphQL and REST API’s

I suggest using the connections that you established during your PhD, as well as the skills from that research. Build a resume based on your research and academic projects as well as any personal projects. Look for jobs that line up with your skill set. Talk to former professors, classmates and your advisor to network and get industry connections. These people are also probably your best bet when it comes to figuring out which jobs you have the required skills for.

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Thanks a lot for your advice. I appreciated it. I am pretty good at SQL, but I hadn’t think about going through this path. Your resources will also help me to go forward. Thanks for sharing.

There is one more thing if you or someone else could help me to decide because I wanna make the right decision. And the right decision and satisfaction is very important for me.

In my B.Tech Software Developer was the position I would like to land.

But in M.Tech Speech Recognition area attracts me a lot. That was only possible with Machine Learning and Deep Learning so I started exploring these fields myself as I was very excited to work for my own mother tongue.

Now I am confused – Should I go this way? Or go back, sharpen my skills, learn JavaScript and prepare myself as a software developer/Full-Stack Developer. Or just go ahead with the little knowledge I have and prepare myself or a Machine Learning engineer for one day.

Or Should I use Python for Software Development so that if in the future I got the chance to work for my research proposal in a better university?

My research proposal motivates me a lot to go ahead with Machine learning and speech technologies. But Data Analysis and other mathematical parts seem boring and I feel I am more interested in software development.

Thanks a lot. I will update my resume and CV. But I have no classmates. I have only one in Ph. D and no one were in masters. I will try the rest of them.