Advice needed - Building a simple e-learning platform

Hi all!

I’m in the initial phase of my developer journey, having just finished the responsive web design certification and now going through the JavaScript one.

I’d like to work with e-learning platforms in the future, so I was thinking about creating a simple and minimalist e-learning platform to have in my portfolio, with a few base features such as:

  • Two possible roles (Instructor and student)
  • Instructors being able to create courses consisting of text, images and embedded videos
  • Enrolling registered students to different courses
  • Testing students’ knowledge, via either multi-choice questionnaires that correct themselves or free-form questions that are submitted to the instructor for grading

I realize this might be too ambitious for my level and I might adjust the scope accordingly, but I was wondering if you could point me in the general direction of what frameworks/libraries I should be researching?

Should I create my own CMS from scratch or should I base the project on an existing platform such as Drupal?

Many thanks for your insights!